Friday, May 30, 2014

Roen's 3rd Birthday Party...

Roen's Birthday was a Rescue Vehicle theme- fire trucks, police cars and ambulances. Both boys are very into emegencies, sirens and flahsing lights, so this was perfect! We had firemen and police men hats for the kids to wear around and Remi even went inside halfway through the party and put on his policeman costume. We had a brisket dinner complete with a yummy rescue vehicle red velvet cake.

Roen loved his party. Weeks leading up to it, he would proudly ask if 'that was something for my birfday party' while I was working on decorations.

Being the sensitive little man that he is, right before I grabbed him to blow out candles and sing happy birthday, Remi hit Roen. He was upset and trying to hold it in, but bless his heart, when everyone started singing, it was just too much and he cried through the whole thing!! It was really funny but sad :)

Roen got tons of awesome gifts. When it was time to open presents, I spread out his new rescue vehicle quilt and sat down with him. He asked permission to open every single gift. He opened them all with no help and really took his time to see what was inside of each one. This is the first party that either of my boys have done this, and it was OH SO SWEET!!

His birthday book for guests to sign

colored pencils and notepad favors

Firehouse Fruitpunch & Sound the Sirens Shirley Temples- the kids LOVED getting to pour their own drinks! The cherries and umbrellas made it even that much better!

Candy goody bags

photo set

Remi was TOTALLY in his element! Him and his buddy, Dawson, kept running around shouting "we are policemen, we fight crime!"

All tuckered out!


Cindy Rector said...

Love the pictures! Even though I was there I guess I missed a lot of the "action"! It was a wonderful party and I'm pretty sure everyone had a wonderful time. The family picture is priceless! You laughing when Roen is crying....who did you get that from? (lol) As always you did a great job and thanks for sharing the pictures. Great memories!

Linz said...

So, so cute!