Friday, August 22, 2014


Earlier this week, the boys completed their Summer Swim Lessons. Next week, they will start in new classes for the Fall semester.

Both boys will be advancing to their next levels- Roen to Advanced Aquatots and Remi to Swimmers. I have to brag on Remi by saying that in the class he just finished, he was the youngest by at least a year and kept up! This month makes TWO YEARS that the boys have been in continuous swim lessons every single week. I am so proud of the progress and confidence they have made! Way to go boys!

Here are some videos of the little fishes. When Roen turns four, he will be taught how to use his arms like Remi does- they say that is skill that isn't developed until age 4. As you can see, in the video Remi is still working on turning his head to the side to take a breath instead of forward.

And just for fun, here they are on the way to their very first swim lesson... my how time flies!!!

Roen was 15 months old and Remi was two

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Cindy Rector said...

My how your fishes have grown!! Way to go Remi & Roen!! Happy Friday Davenport Family. Love y'all.