Monday, December 22, 2014

Boy's School Christmas Party...

Friday, was the boy's last day of school until after the new year. They also had their Christmas parties at school. The minute Roen saw me, he was glued to my side. He wouldn't participate in any of the activities with his class.... which was really fine by me.... I love my little momma's boy :)

Remi has definitely gotten used to seeing me at his school because now instead of being like Roen, he doesn't give it a second thought at seeing me. I guess that's why I'm ok with Roen clinging to me, because next year he probably won't :(

Remi and his sweet friend, Lily

The Christmas tree made by Roen's class

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Cindy Rector said...

Cute pictures!! Love the smile on Remi's face in the picture with Lily. Gosh they are both growing up way too fast :-(. Enjoy the mini-vacation from school.