Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Getting Ready For Santa...

On Saturday night, we got ready for Santa!! Because we would not be here on actual Christmas, we did our little family Christmas a bit early. By the time we started getting out milk and cookies, Remi had already fallen asleep. He was so tired, that he had no interest in helping... which was fine by Roen. In fact, I think Roen might have liked doing it all by himself!

First we poured our milk, put a couple of cookies on Santa's plate and then when I asked Roen what else he thought Santa needed he said "ummm.... maybe some cheese... and carrots and cucumbers". It was really sweet. We were out of cucumbers but Roen didn't seem to mind :) I tried to just put a carrot from the bag on the plate, but Roen insisted that I peel it and cut it because if not, Santa might get sick!

Ron trying the milk to make sure it was ok