Thursday, December 4, 2014


The boys got to see Santa today at school. It is always so sweet because each student gets their own turn, no one rushes them and the parents get to quietly peek.

This year, both boys want a ride-on razor- Remi wants the fast red one and Roen wants the camo one... such boys!

Roen's Class went first. As soon as it was Roen's turn, he ran across the stage into Santa's lap. I don't think that sweet little smile of his left his face for a second. He was a bit shy about telling Santa what he wanted, so I had to whisper it to Mrs. Claus. Roen just sat in Santa's lap, smile on his face, not saying a word and in heaven :)

Remi was equally excited but not shy or quiet about it like Roen was. He told Santa that he wanted a really fast gator for Christmas.

At the end, the school director got Roen out of class so I could get a picture of them both with Santa...

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Cindy Rector said...

You can see the excitement in their faces!! Such a fun time. Hug those two rascals for me.