Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Mom's Night....

Every February, the boy's school has a special night for mom's and dad's to come spend time with students at their school. This weekend was Mom's Night.

Roen's class was from 6-7 so I took him first. He LOVES having special time with his momma :) At 7, Micah dropped Remi off and picked up Roen... Roen did not want to leave me and cried and cried... broke my heart.

The kids took us around to their different work centers and then we got to do a craft together.

My time with Roen was really quiet and sweet. My time with Remi was really silly and fun. It amazes me at how different the boys are and how I love them both so very much but in such different ways.

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Cindy Rector said...

Handsome guys with their pretty momma!! Great pictures.