Monday, June 15, 2015


What a week!

Please excuse my absence for the past week, but I have been soaking up a little time in paradise (I will get to that later this week).

The week before we left the country, the boys had a busy week crammed with as many t-balls games as little 4, 5, and 6 year olds could handle. With the June heat upon us, our season ended up being a whole week of make-up games in hopes of avoiding sweltering in the heat.

Here are some pictures from the final games of the season...

This season was the best one yet! Remi surprised me the most and really learned the game and ran after almost every ball. Roen almost always had a little smile on his face and had a blast playing ball with his big brother (there was only one time that Roen decided he didn't want to play and sat out for half a game)!

My heart is proud of these stinky, sweaty, ball playing boys... life with boys is pretty special :)

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Cindy Rector said...

Sweet sweaty sluggers!! Way to go Remi & Roen.