Thursday, August 27, 2015

Little Brother Adjusts...

Roen has adjusted without Remi, much to my surprise, without a second thought. I honestly, thought Roen would be bored and lost without Remi around to boss, fight and entertain him.

Roen seems to love having the house, toys and tv all to himself. He is an EXTREMELY quiet little boy and our days are calm, quiet and uneventful. It is like going from one extreme to the other!

I will say that I don't think Roen has spent anytime outside at all. It is so weird, because Remi spends almost all his time outside when he is home. When they are both home, they will both spend a lot of time outside together, but I guess that is just not Roen's thing unless Remi is around. It's almost like I am learning all kinds of things about who Roen is when Remi is not around.


Cindy Rector said...

I'm glad to hear to Roen is adjusting well. He's always enjoyed playing with his trucks so now he has the track to himself! Sweet picture of him.

The Holik's said...

Glad he is adjusting!! Hope Remi's having a good week!!