Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Roen's Meet The Teacher...

This morning Roen got to see his new classroom and meet his teacher. On the way there, I gave him a pep talk about replying to his teacher when she spoke to him and using good manners. Well, when we got there it all went out the window.

It is true, that Roen tends to be my easy going, happy and just really my child that likes to please. However, he is EXTREMELY shy and tends to get nervous and silly around adults he does not know... which often times comes out seeming disrespectful.

He refused to come in the classroom, just sitting in the hallway with a smile on his face refusing to budge. Once, I got him in the classroom, he wouldn't speak at all. His teacher wanted him to color an apple for the classroom apple tree... there was no way he was doing that. He hid under the table or behind me the entire time.

Mamma Bear was not happy. Roen is grounded from TV all day (a big deal in his world) and I am just hoping he can someday learn to come out of his shell when not around the protection of big brother!

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Cindy Rector said...

I felt his pain! It was always better when Diane was with me. Even though I probably did most of the talking, she gave me the confidence I needed. He looks so handsome and I'm sure he will come out of his shell after a few days of class. What in the world will you do on the days both boys are in school? Probably miss them like crazy!!
Good luck Roen!