Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Roen's Graduation Program...

Last Thursday evening, was Roen's pre-school graduation program. It was the cutest little thing ever. They sang three songs and then each recieved their 'diploma'. It started at 7:00 which is normally when we start bedtime routine, so he yawned (and picked his nose) through THE WHOLE THING. Not little yawns either- like big, giant yawns!

Here he is yawning... it was non-stop!

And this was my favorite part. At the end, all the classes got together and sang Step By Step.... one of my very favorite church songs! Just hearing those sweet little voices sing worship songs brought tears to my eyes!

Getting his diploma...

Every year, they have all previous students of The Learning Tree come up front and say their name and age. Remi was really nervous about doing this, but he put his big boy britches on, and did it! I was proud!

So very proud of my little future Kindergartener!!!

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Cindy Rector said...

Precious memories! When I first saw the picture with him yawning I thought wow...he must really like this song! lol That boy loves his sleep. Glad he didn't decide to lay down. Thanks so much for sharing this special time. Here comes summer!!