Tuesday, May 3, 2016

School Field Trip...

Yesterday, was Remi's Kindergarten Field Trip. We first stopped on the way to eat lunch and play at an amazing park... it had ziplines! After lunch, we headed to the Dallas World Aquarium. There were so many parents that everyone got to take their child and do as they pleased. I left Roen with Micah, so it was a really special day with just Remi and I!

We had so much fun! So much fun, that Remi slept on the bus the whole way home!!

Remi had so much fun zip-lining!

Of course, I have the child who fears nothing!

The whole Kindergarten! We only have 34 total- I just love our tiny, little school!

Looking at the 'polka-dot' sting ray

Standing underneath the sawfish.... something he was very much looking forward to!

Some of Remi's buddies

Me and my Remi Roo

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Cindy Rector said...

You're BACK!! What an exciting day. Looks like both places were packed with lots of fun. So glad you got to go and enjoy. Cute pictures. Still hard to believe he's almost through with kindergarten. Next year is gonna be lonely. A first grader and a kindergartner. Yikes...first taste of empty nest. Thanks for sharing.