Monday, August 22, 2016

Kindergarten & 1st Grade...

Well, it's here.

The day I have been dreading since the beginning of Summer. We had the most amazing Summer break and I have purposely been soaking up every minute in preparation for today.

Today, my baby went to Kindergarten. For the past 7 years, I have spent every ounce of my time, love and energy into being a stay-at-home mom. A job I had no idea how hard it would be way back when I was pregnant with Remi. A job that seems like it has no end in sight... until your babies go to school. A job that I will treasure forever... those days have gone and pasted, and though a new chapter has started, I hope I never forget how blessed I was to get those precious years with my babies.

Today, my world got flipped upside-down. No peanut butter & jelly sandwiches for lunch today, no train noises in the background as Roen pushes around all his favorite trains, no refills of orange juice and no one to tell me to take the 'short-cut' on the way to pick Remi up from school this afternoon.

Micah came with me to drop the boys off this morning, and I swear I don't deserve him, because I didn't even have to ask him to come, he just knew. He knew that I would need him. And as we walked out of that school, with tears falling down my face, he laughed and then took me to breakfast.

Remi was very quiet and serious. I kissed him in the parking lot because I knew he would be too embarrassed to kiss me once we got to his classroom. But, I could feel the emotions welling up, and I forgot and ended up giving him a big kiss right in front of everyone. It embarrassed him, but he was sweet about it. That boy... I have no doubt that he will dominate 1st grade. I have the upmost confidence in that kid and I just always find myself being so proud of him.

Roen was quiet and shy. We picked out his seat (he picked the exact same desk as Remi did on his first day of Kindergarten), he put up his water bottle (he wanted me to do it, but I made him) and then I hugged and kissed him a thousand times... I couldn't pull myself away. I didn't want to leave. I could feel a bit of desperation in his sweet little hugs. But he held it together and did great. I probably sacred him as I waved bye bawling my eyes out.

Last year, when Remi went to Kindergarten, it was hard. This year is harder... they are both gone and my house is way too quiet!

We had the best morning. After the boys ate breakfast, they got dressed and then played Legos in Remi's room until it was time to go. They both talked about how as soon as they got to recess they were going to find each other. Roen said if his shoes came untied he was going to have Remi re-tie them- triple knot and then he told me he was going to miss me a zillion-ninety-nine.

I will miss those boys a zillion-ninety-nine too... they have no idea what an honor it has been dedicating my every day, every minute to them for the past 7 years.

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Cindy Rector said...

Thank you so much for sharing this most special post! You will always treasure the years before school but I know you will be so busy that you'll wonder how you had time to just be "mom". Hope this first day flies by! And yay for Micah!!! He knows your soft spots better than anyone! Love to all of you!!