Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The First Day...

The boys both had a great first day.

Roen was smiling from ear to ear and had plenty to tell me about his day. He and his best buddy found Remi at recess and according to the boys, they dug a hole! Remi reported that he saw Roen at lunch and 'he did a good job carrying his tray'. I just love that they get to be there for each other!

However, Roen came home announcing that he wanted to ride the bus home from school. I was in no way prepared for this! Last year, Remi said the same thing until school started.... after school started, he didn't once want to ride on the bus- which was perfectly fine with me. In fact, I kind of preferred that. But this morning, Roen was still saying he wanted to ride the bus home- even if Remi didn't ride with him. That brave little booger!! There was no way, I was going to hold him back, so after some serious thought, Remi decided he would ride with Roen.

I told them I would be waiting on the front porch.

I am very anxious to see what they think. They will be the very first stop and there are quite a few other kids I know on the bus too- I have a feeling that yesterday was my last day to pick them up :(

Here are a few sweet pictures of them yesterday before school....

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Cindy Rector said...

Lots of "firsts" going on in your world! Loved that Remi reported on how Roen carried his lunch tray. That is the really important stuff! Glad that they both are happy and can't wait to hear the report on the bus ride home. Good Luck to you momma!