Tuesday, August 30, 2016

School Work....

I love seeing all the work that the boys bring home. It is not only proof that they are learning but they also seem so proud of the things they bring home. I don't keep everything- in fact, I keep very little. I only keep things that I really LOVE, because with them being boys, I highly suspect, their school work will never be something they will go back through. But- I like having pieces of school work hanging in my house at all times- taking down old and putting up new... their sweet little handwriting is the most valuable art in my home!

With Roen going to school everyday day now, too, I knew I wanted to find something really big to display all the work they brought home this year. I also wanted it out of immediate sight because I don't like things to look messy or haphazard.

So, I found the perfect solution!

They have a tiny little hallway outside their rooms and I decided I wanted a giant chalk/magnet board to lean against the wall. Like most things I envision, finding this board was a bit tricky. I eventually ran across this amazing company (click here) that builds magnetic boards custom to any size you want... and I got it in less than a week!

Our little board is not full yet, and I will, of course, be adding some fun magnets, but I have to say, I have loved having this space AND I have caught both boys checking out their work with proud little eyes!!

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Cindy Rector said...

Oh I've been waiting to see this treasure! Such a great place to display their school work and I bet they beam with pride every time they pass by. I wish I had a tenth of your vision for things around the house. Great addition!