Thursday, September 1, 2016

A Dinosaur Room...

I updated Remi's bedding several months ago and I am constantly adding, moving taking away... it's almost theraputic for me to play around in their sweet little rooms. Roen has had the same firefighter bedding since we moved in almost 2 years ago. The bedding is still in great shape but I felt it was time to give him something new. But, I had a really hard time putting it in the 'church garage sale pile'... that bedding reminds me of when he was so in love with rescue vehicles and driving by the fire station was the best part of his day!!

I didn't want to get anything too big boy because he is still 5 and with him being my baby, I tend to hold on to his youth more than I did with Remi. I went with dinosaurs. Roen LOVES dinosaurs. I mean he absolutely loves them!! He has so many dinosaur figurines- he gets them all out and his little girlfriend next door comes over and they make little dinosaur families and play house... does it get any sweeter!?

I didn't want to change anything major, like his rug, his super soft- most favorite red checked sheets or any of the red accents in his room, so when I stumbled upon this bedding, I could not resist. Then I found this amazing dinosaur planter and these sweet wooden dinosaurs and I fell in love with his 'bigger' boy room all over again!!

To top it off, my favorite local artist (Paige Davidson) recently did a whole series of dinosaur watercolors and I was over the moon excited to add a few to his wall!!

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Cindy Rector said...

How cute! My favorite is the dinosaur planter....anything RED is perfect. I bet he loves the upgrade. Good job.