Monday, October 3, 2016

A Lego Party...

For Remi's 7th Birthday, we decided on a Lego theme. Remi loves legos and will stay in his room for hours putting together Lego kits. It is something he is very good at, and likes to do alone.

This party was so fun to plan! Remi is at such a fun age, where he liked being involved in everything I bought, made or planned. We decided early on that as part of the guests party favor, we would let everyone build their own car to race and take home... which meant a custom built race track, of course. Micah and his dad built this cute track and then the boys painted it red (with Daddy's help) and I painted the yellow. It was truly a family project!!

The kids loved seeing which cars were fast, which one broke, and which ones flipped down the track instead of rolling. It was a fun little trial and error activity!

This was the first time that Remi invited his whole class from school and you can just tell by these pictures how much he liked having everyone at his house on his special day! I have to say, the party was perfect and maybe one of my most favorite one yet! Remi has the biggest, happiest smile in all of his pictures! I hope he never forgets how much fun he had on this day!

And many, many thanks to the amazing photographer who captured so many of these moments that I wasn't able to see!

Tricia Marie Photography (click here)


Mary Beth said...

You have some lucky kids! Wow - these parties blow my mind!! You really should be a party planner :) (and cute shirt!)

Cindy Rector said...

These are the best pictures ever! I missed out on a lot of these...especially love the family picture! It was a great party and its safe to say a good time was had by all. Thanks so much for sharing!!