Monday, October 31, 2016

Earning a Badge...

Remi got presented with his very first Cub Scout badge at the pack meeting last week. He was super proud, but a bit nervous about going up in front of everyone!

He truly has the very best time with this group of boys! He is always so excited anytime we have an activity coming up and I just love seeing that smile on his face!! Remi likes sports, but Cub Scouts... he loves Cub Scouts!! (and it doesn't hurt that his little girlfriend's dad is the head of it all- which means she is at all the activities)

They got to play several fun games where they unwrapped candy from a saran wrap ball and ate gummy worms out of a plate of whip cream with no hands. Roen even got to participate in the game playing!!

Next up, on the calendar, is a Turkey Shoot in the next town over, where the boys will get to compete in archery, sling shots and bb guns. EVERY BOY'S (and dad's) DREAM!!!

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Jaime Macon said...

How fun! So glad Remi loves being a Cub Scout.