Friday, October 28, 2016

7 Year Check-Up...

Tuesday, I pulled Remi out of school a bit early (which he loved) and took him for his 7 year old check-up. It is pretty good drive to his doctor's office, so I had snacks packed for him- he thought this was so fun! He ate up all his snacks while he did his homework. Sometimes a little one on one (even to the doctor's office) is just what everyone needs!! I rarely get Remi alone anymore and we had the best afternoon!!

He weighed in at 53 lbs (58%) and was 47.75 (42%) inches tall.

While we were there, he got a flu shot, a wart (on his finger) froze off and a great, healthy report!!

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Cindy Rector said...

Great report! He is gonna be as tall as you in no time. Look out! One on one time is the best...fills the heart. So glad he is healthy! Happy Friday Davenport Family ❤️