Saturday, November 5, 2016

Spooky Reading...

This was a little ghost story that I picked up from the book fair, so it is intended for a younger audience. However, I loved this book! It was short, but not too short, spooky but not really scary... just the book I would have also loved in grade school!! It centers around a family- mainly a brother and sister- who move into a an old rundown house in the woods. A doll, a witch, a kidnapping.... this was a great, little read!!

The Magpies
This book was a psychological thriller- which I think can sometimes be the scariest types of books! Although, I would not call this book 'scary' it was creepy and really had mind my going all over the place trying to figure things out. I am a very picky about endings to books- especially books like this because I want the ending to do the build-up justice... this one did. I was just itching to reach the ending to see what these crazy neighbors had up their sleeve!! Great read!

(I will note, that this book was pretty graphic) I also read his book, Follow You Home, last year. I definitely liked this one better!

This was my very first Stephen King novel to read. I absolutely loved this book. I wouldn't really call it 'scary' but there were many times that I literally had to force myself to read the next sentence because I was so afraid for the tortured Paul. It was like Annie was hiding in the corners of every page!

The Girl Next Door
This is the absolute most DISTURBING book I have every read.... by a long stretch!

Not scary, but just downright disturbing.

I honestly, almost couldn't even stomach finishing the book. It has a way of making you feel dirty and sick. I was not totally aware of what this book was when I bought it, but the sad thing is, it is based on a true story. I can't in good conscience recommend this book to anyone I know, but if you happen to pick it up, be warned, it will haunt you in the very worst ways.

I haven't gotten to read as much as I would have liked, but I still have several more books to share before I move onto a different genre. Say tuned!!

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Cindy Rector said...

Keep reading! Think I'll pass on this group. Thanks for sharing!