Friday, November 4, 2016


I think the boy's favorite part of Halloween this year was the neighborhood hayride. We load up the trailer with hay and blankets and then the moms and kids hop on the back while the dads ride up front, chauffeuring us around our tiny town.

The kids love hopping off the back, running down the the street with friends and then hopping back on as we head to the next street. Everywhere you look, you see classmates, neighbors, teachers, friends- like something out of a movie. Everyone waving, smiling... the streets so full of kids that stand-still traffic actually exists for this one evening in our town. People set up tables with hot chocolate in their front yards, porches and yards are decorated, people sit out in their front yards happily awaiting tiny trick-or-treaters... it truly is, a night to remember!

I just love all these sweet kiddos....

All said and done, we have three gallon size ziplock bags full of candy. I have pretty well pulled out and eaten all the Kit-Kats and I really wish the rest would just go away! We will be eating Halloween candy until Summer!!!

I am guessing the chances of Roen wanting to be a ninja next year- for the third year in a row- are pretty high and to me, that is just the funniest, cutest thing ever!

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Cindy Rector said...

Fun times! These are the towns that should be making news headlines. You look pretty darn cute in your outfit....we'll nickname you "Workout Wanda"! Happy Friday Davenport Family!! Love you all.