Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas at Na's...

Sunday, we spent the day with Micah's parents and sisters having Christmas. It is always such a fun time and by the end, it always looks like a toy store in the middle of the living room.... this year, we got to have lots of pink presents too (it was my niece's first Christmas)!

All 5 cousins with one on the way!!!

They love their Na!

Ya'll, this boy LOVES dogs. No matter where we are, if there is a dog, Remi is always close by! This is sweet Chloe and she has cancer. It was really sweet when I found Remi giving her some extra love...

Soon after, I saw that the other boys had joined in on loving on Chloe. It was the sweetest thing ever!

Remi was super excited about his new microscope kit!

These three cuties decided they needed a cereal break in the middle of opening presents

Remi was in desparate need of a new bike. Not only was his current bike too small, but it was literally falling apart! The look on his face shows just how excited he was...

Roen was pretty excited about his new green and blue boots. This is Roen's first pair of nice boots. Almost every other pair he has had, have been hand-me-downs from Remi.

I just love that the Holidays make everyone find time to be together!! These little kiddos are just growing up so fast and I love that they still get excited about getting balls, dump trucks and play-dough for Christmas!!!

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Cindy Rector said...

They are all so cute and growing like weeds! Zoey will be ruling the roost by this time next year. Thanks for sharing!