Monday, January 2, 2017

Christmas Eve...

Christmas Eve started with a big 'ole yummy breakfast. Everyone filled their bellies and then we open presents. After lunch, we all did a bit of competitive bowling and ended the night with fajitas and games! It is rare that I get to have a day with my entire family, so this was the biggest gift of all!!

Bowling is one of Micah's favorite things to do!! All the guys were out to beat each other, while I was just trying to beat my 5 and 7 year old!! I think Remi beat me at least once!!

Wahoo is long-time family tradition. I can remember playing at the dinner table way back when I was little at my grandparents house. There is not a whole better than a 'best 2 out of 3' round of Wahoo!!

CiCi and Remi were the champs....

What a fantastic day we had!!!

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Cindy Rector said...

Oh my goodness...can we have another week long party? You are the best at capturing these precious memories so we can all go back and reminisce. Thank you for that! I consider this my gift. The bowling didn't turn out as good as I'd hoped for but thank goodness I only bet Micah 5 dollars! Hehehe Of course with Remi's lucky dice we were able to claim the Wahoo Championship!!! Maybe beginners luck but look out for future competitions. It was a wonderful time and thank you for all that you do!! Great way to start the second day of 2017!! Love & hugs to y'all 😘