Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New Toys...

Santa also brought the boys new tool sets and building kits. Each boy got a kit to build their own tool crate and then Remi got a birdhouse kit and Roen got a bulldozer kit.

Over break, we had some pretty amazing weather. We took advantage one afternoon and helped the boys break in their new tools.

Remi, of course, wanted no help and got really really irritated with me after I nailed a board on upside down (oops)- saying that he wished Daddy was helping him instead of me... after that, I was not allowed to help in anyway! And to be quite honest, he didn't want me messing with any of his wood or nails or tools at all, but sometimes I feel left out and like to prove I can do boys things too.. even though I should probably just stick to online shopping!

Roen really likes having someone by his side helping him, so Micah stuck with him. After stripping some screws and putting a piece on wrong, I just watched and took some pictures. I don't think Remi will ever let me near his tools again!

This is Remi's 'I am so irritated and frustrated right now' face... he was fixing my mistake!

I hope the boys remember the days like this. When Daddy dropped everything to go outside and be with them. I don't really think they know how lucky they are... but I do, and I am so glad I get to be a part of it!

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Cindy Rector said...

Oh LaLa you make me laugh 😂. Remi is so serious trying to fix your mistake. They are blessed to have not only a daddy that takes time to do projects with them but a momma that will always be their biggest FAN! Great memories. Love & hugs!!