Thursday, January 5, 2017

Santa Came....

The boys were so excited to see what Santa was going to bring them. Remi told me he was so excited to go to bed so that Santa would hurry up and come!

The boys didn't really ask for much. They both said they wanted to be surprised. Remi mentioned a four-wheeler and a phone (which was not happening). We have talked about four-wheelers for awhile, but really didn't feel like Roen was old enough yet. And what a disappointment it would be for one to get a four-wheeler and the other not.

So, we came up with a solution and I think Santa did pretty good!

As soon as Remi woke up, he came and got me. It took about 15 minutes to get everyone out of bed, cameras ready, coffee made before we could finally see what Santa brought. Downstairs, were all the boys stocking stuffers and toys...

After opening all their goodies, they immediately wanted to check their playroom stockings because that is where Santa left their fish and ant farm last Christmas.

Upstairs, Santa left the boys each a helmet and a little note in their stockings...

Remi was convinced they got four-wheelers, so they bundled up and headed outside after searching the house without luck. I can't remember whose idea it was to check 'Daddy's shop', but that is where their go-karts were waiting!

The boys were in shock and so very happy! I asked Remi if he liked his go-kart as well as he would have liked a four-wheeler, and he said "Yes, I like it better"!

After the boys took their new go-karts for a few rounds around the house, we had them come back inside to open presents.

Before Christmas, we took each boy shopping to buy presents for each other and a few for Little Anne. They had so much fun buying for each other and loved seeing what they got!

the way to a little boy's heart- remote control anything!

Next, we opened what the boy's made for us in school. I knew what Roen's would be and have been waiting since I opened Remi's last year. Now, I have their matching handprints hanging in my bedroom! Remi gave us a sweet little ornament. They are always so proud watching us open their presents!

Micah and I only gave each boy one present. Roen got a wooden train set and Remi got his very own computer to build and code.

Micah spoiled me rotten and got me all kinds of goodies, but this was one of my favorites...

Nothing better than a beautiful new book set to add to the shelves of my library.

What a wonderful and blessed Christmas we had! Yes, the boys fought non-stop, I might have beat my head against the wall a few times and might have had to threaten them with their life every second of the day- but these are the moments that my house feels so full of love, bursting with energy and way too small in the very best way possible!

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Cindy Rector said...

What a wonderful Christmas! I will probably scroll through these pictures a zillion times. The wonder & excitement from the boys expressions is amazing. I can't wait to see them race around on their go-karts. Exciting times at the Davenport home. Even Little Anne was showered in love. Again...thank you for sharing these precious moments and letting us enjoy along with you all. Love you all very much and wish you a health, happy & prosperous New Year!