Monday, February 27, 2017

Blue & Gold Banquet...

Last night, was Remi's Cub Scout Banquet. This was a ceremony celebrating all the hard work he has put in this year leaning new things, bettering his character and working hard at earning his badges.

He was so proud of his new badges, and immediatley took off his belt and added them on. He recieved his Tiger patch showing that he is now working toward earning his Wolf badge. It was really neat to see the older Cubs being initiated into Boy Scouts... both boys watched wide-eyed as they got their stripes painted on. I think Roen can hardly wait until next year when he can join the fun!

Each boy pinned their mothers with the pin they recieved their badge in. This was really sweet and a total surprise to me! At the very end, this is the prayer they said over the Scouts...

Look down upon my son, Dear Lord.
This smiling cub of mine.
Please take his hand along the way
So he may never stray.
Bless my son tonight, Dear Lord,
And help him walk with thee.
Give him comfort, warmth, and love:
He's all the world to me.
Bless his daily efforts,
And make him strong and true:
For life's a heavy burden.
And we're all in need of you.

This is called the Cub Scouts Parent Prayer and I had to fight back tears as they said it last night. In a world filled with "moments of silence" praying in the school cafeteria, while being surrounded by peers, is just pure goodness.

After the ceremony was over, and we had the boys setteled in bed, Micah told Remi he loved him and how proud of him he was. Remi said...

"I love you and I'm proud of myself too. Very proud."

I know some of you don't know Remi personally, but this is a big deal for this little boy. He is not one to be proud of himself often. He is a perfectionist and is only truly proud of himself when he feels he has really mastered something. He tends to be very hard on himself and has extremely high expectations of the things does.

Remi has done a lot of growing up over the past year, and I can't help but feel much of this is due to Cub Scouts. These boys are highly encouraged to rise above, no matter the situation and I feel like I have watched Remi's little character transform. His stubborness has softened into "Yes, Sirs and Yes, Mam'ams", his sweet little heart has learned how good it feels to serve others (many days, he wakes up and makes not only his bed, but his little brother's bed too) and he has gained the confidence to make good decisions, even when others around him may be making bad ones.

I could not be any prouder of this sweet little boy...


Cindy Rector said...

Well I've read this post over and over...I'm so proud of Remi and his participation in Scouts. I'm also proud that you and Micah are willing to help him in this activity.
I've never heard the Scouts prayer before but what a beautiful prayer. Thank you for sharing!
Lots of people love Remi Roo & it's great that he had so many family members there to support him. I can't wait for the coming years....some time when y'all are home I want to show him Randy's Eagle Scout ring.
Love & hugs to you all!! Have a great week.

Jaime Macon said...

This post needed a tissue warning! 💗 I am so proud of Remi, and I love hearing about the pride he has in himself. Thanks for sharing.