Friday, February 24, 2017

Sculpted Rocks...

After the pool was lined with concrete, they began work on the rock features. The slide will be sculpted concrete to look like rocks along with the fire pit and hot tub. They started by creating the basic outlines with rebar. After that, they lined the underneath with burlap and then they layered on chicken wire. Early next week, they will begin spraying the first layer of concrete to create the rocks.

You can see the slide coming around and into the pool. On the backside there are stairs and from there you can either slide or step off the stairs onto the front rock platform and jump. Underneath the platform, will be a small waterfall with a bench where you can swim under... also called a grotto. My inner kid just gets so exicited about all of this!!

The artist who is actually creating the rocks is amazing! He has done work creating rock formations all over the country... If you have ever been to Ft.Worth Zoo, he has done tons of work there!

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Cindy Rector said...

Amazing!!! This is so exciting and incredible to watch all the work being done. I'd have all my chores piled up because I'd be watching out the window all day! Thank you for sharing. Happy Friday! Love & hugs to you all 😘