Tuesday, February 21, 2017


This weekend we had a little girls getaway in celebration on my aunt's birthday! We packed our bags and headed on over to Vegas to see George Straight!

The concert was perfect. Nothing glitzy or glamorous about it, just good 'ole George, his guitar and good country music. I could have sat there and listened to him all night! I did tear up when he sang "The Breath You Take", belted my heart out when he sang "Ocean Front Property" but when he sang "Amarillo By Morning" I could barely contain myself!

Mom and Kim and were the big winners of the trip. I ended up losing $30 but I did come home with a really cute pair of earrings... that's a win in my book!!

We ate lots of good food, had lots of good drinks and laughed so much I came home with a hoarse voice (which also could have been due to the lack of sleep).

For me, Vegas is a place I can never get enough of. I am not a big gambler, but the lights, the shopping, the food, the shows.... it will just never get old!

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Cindy Rector said...

Oh what a way to celebrate turning 60!!! It just doesn't get any better than spending time with the squaws in my tribe. Lol
Seriously I had a blast and once I catch up on my sleep 😴 I'll be ready to go back. Thank you for posting these pictures. Lots of fun times and memories made. Love you bunches!!!😘