Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Turkey Hunting...

Sunday, I hosted a baby shower for Micah's sister. While I was off doing girl things, Micah took the boys on their own little adventure!

Micah took the boys to go get their very first hunting license and then out to the deep country to do a little turkey hunting. They spotted an Albino Turkey and though it was a bit too far for Remi to shoot, it was something Micah has never seen in his lifetime! Micah said they were surrounded by turkey as they sat in the brush calling. I am so thankful that they are blessed with a Daddy who takes them out to the very place he hunted as a boy, just like his daddy did. I hope one day, they do the very same thing with their boys!

This is what pure happiness is for Remi. Out with his daddy, in camo, exploring the great outdoors, hunting. There is nothing this boy loves more than being outdoors hunting and fishing!

This hunting trip, Remi got out and opened the gate... that boy sure is growing up!!

My very favorite part of this little adventure was waiting for me when I got home. While out in the deep woods, looking for turkey, Remi spotted this flower, picked it, carefully brought it all the way home and had it waiting in this tiny cup for when I got home. That little boy has a heart of gold...

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Cindy Rector said...

Two cool dudes! I love their blessed to get out and spend time with their daddy!! Way to go Micah!!! In this crazy busy life we all live it's great to get out and smell the fresh air. And sweet Remi has always had an eye for flowers....he's always wanted to pick flowers for you!❤ Glad they had fun...xoxo