Monday, March 20, 2017

Vail, Day 2....

Our second day in Vail, we all woke up ready for a day of skiing.

We decided to put the boys in ski lessons for the first day. I hated not getting to see them all day, so we decided to meet up with them and their instructor for lunch. I could tell after a morning of skiing, they were exhausted, but they were also so proud of themselves!

Micah and I had the best day ever, skiing all day, just the two of us. It reminded me of way back in the day when I wore his camo toboggan down the slopes- 12 years later and a lot more out of shape! We started off very slow on greens, but eventually made our way to the blues.

When we met over lunch, the boys were so tired, you could see it in their eyes...

We came down the slopes a bit early in hopes of seeing the boys in action. We caught them on the Magic Carpet and they were thrilled for us to see them show off their new ski abilities!

The one thing they wanted to do that we weren't prepared for was swim. The day before, we hunted down swimsuits and they could hardly wait to swim in the heated pool and hot tub. I didn't bring a swimsuit, so Micah and I sat by the outdoor fire and had drinks while the boys swam. As they were swimming, big, fluffy snowflakes started falling and it was almost too much fun to handle!

After a full day of skiing and swimming, we headed down town to eat. We stumbled upon a little hibachi restaurant, and filled our bellies. The boys were super excited about their Japanese sodas!

After dinner, we headed back to the room and the boys were asleep in no time at all!


Kiley said...

What an amazing vacation! Love all of the pics! Swimming in a heated pool with snow falling sounds like a dream!

Cindy Rector said...

This looks like a beautiful place! The boys are smiling from ear to ear. I can't wait to hear their stories. I bet they were exhausted after skiing and swimming....oh to be young and full of energy.