Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Vail, Day 3...

Our third day, we had a fun little adventure planned but, we went out to the slopes early Monday morning and skied for a couple of hours before it began! We were super excited to take the boys up the bunny slope lift for the first time to see how they did. We were both very impressed and although, we didn't have time to more than the bunny slope that morning, we decided they were definitely ready for some greens the next day!

Right before lunch, we headed out of town and took the boys dog sledding. It really was the coolest thing! Micah and Remi rode together and Roen rode with me. They cozied us up in layers of wool blankets, strapped us in, and then a team of 8 dogs pulled us through the mountains for about 5 miles. Each boy had the oppurtunity to drive with the musher, but only Remi partook.... he is always up for adventure and for that, I am thankful! I think Roen was way too cozy and warm to get out of the sled!

They had a photographer out taking pictures, which I loved!

After our ride, we got to go into the kennels and meet all the dogs... all 64 of them! Remi is an animal lover and was in heaven. It took forever for me to get him to come inside for hot chocolate and snacks, and then I found them back out there taking pictures of all the dogs!! They loved it!

After dog sledding, we headed back in town to eat an early dinner, late lunch. We asked several locals for food recommendations, and Moe's seemed to be a favorite. This was the best food of the trip for me!! The pulled pork sandwich just hit the spot... I guess you can't take the Texas out of this girl!

With it being too late to ski, we had a relaxing evening in the room just hanging out until bedtime.

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Cindy Rector said...

Oh my goodness....I would say this was the best day ever! I can't imagine how cool it was to be pulled by dogs. Remi looks like a natural back there, but I'm with Roen though...why get out of a warm spot when you don't have to!