Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Easter Parties...

Thursday, the boys had their Easter parties at school. Micah was out of town, so I was busy running from Roen's egg hunt, to Remi's party and back to check on Roen at his party.

The boys were so excited about their parties, and I was too, but mainly, I was excited to have my boys home with me for an extra long weekend.

Even after almost a full school year of having both boys in school for the first time, I still find my eyes tear up at drop-off from time to time, wondering where my days of having toddlers went to. I love having them home with me, my house full of their sweet little voices as they play... and fight. I cannot wait for Summer!!!

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Cindy Rector said...

Egg hunting galore! The boys in Roen's class look like they are lined up for a marathon. The colorful eggs look like Skittles! Where in the world did you find the boys "bunny" glasses? I LOVE them! Cutest guys wearing them too!
Glad you had a extra long weekend to soak up all the exciting activities y'all have had....and maybe you got to sleep in on Monday! I'm with you....bring on SUMMER!!!
Love you guys!