Friday, May 5, 2017

1st Grade Field Trip...

Tuesday, Remi got to go on the 1st grade field trip. Every year, the first grade heads up to Oklahoma, hops on the passenger train and heads back home. Afterwards, we took the kids to the park for a picnic lunch, some playtime and on over to the zoo.

I really enjoy getting to spend one on one time with Remi. He seems to crave times like this and is always so sweet to be with. Constant motion seems to lull me to sleep and I think if there weren't so many kids running around the train, we would have both fallen asleep on the train ride home!

Remi wanted me by his side the entire time and held my hand through most of the day. Even though he tries to hide it, deep down his still a big time momma's boy... maybe even more than Roen, and I love that!

The entire 1st grade

I loved my day with Remi and am so thankful for a husband who drove me all the way to Oklahoma, dropped me off just so I could ride the train back to Texas and had my car waiting at the depot so I could meet Remi at the park!

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Cindy Rector said...

They plan some really cool field trips! Enjoy every you well know these days fly by. It's so sweet that he held your hand. Glad you're able to participate with the boys. I still remember the excitement I felt when mom could take off work and join us at school parties. It's like winning the lottery. Keep having fun and making memories! Happy Friday Davenport Family!! Love & hugs!!