Thursday, May 4, 2017

Lads to Leaders...

Last Sunday, the boys received their awards for Lads to Leaders at church. This is a year-round program that encourages kids to practice their faith in different areas.

This year, the boys did Good Samaritan (doing good acts for other people), Knowing the Books of the Bible (only the New Testament- we haven't conquered the Old Testament quite yet), and Art Says It (creating art inspired by scripture).

Art Says It was something new I signed them up for this year. The scripture was Ruth 3:5- encouraging obedience to God.

Remi knew right off, he wanted to do a Lego sculpture. He went upstairs made a little Bible out of Legos, came up with some ways he could be obedient, wrote them down, cut them out and taped them on his Bible. The only thing I helped him with was spelling... Remi is so good at things like this!

Page 1: Obey your parents, Do not litter, Try not to lie, Be the best you can
Page 2: a picture of him throwing away trash

From this, I see I have really instilled the importance of throwing away your trash to my children, lol!

Roen isn't always as easily creative as Remi so he decided maybe he just wanted to draw a picture. Since Remi had done a Bible, Roen decided he would just draw a bible for his art. So, he got a white sticky note, got to work, and brought me this....

Ya'll, I could barely hold back my laughter!! He was very upset when I told him, this was not going to work. However, the next day I got him going on a Lego throne and he was able to finish it up.... little Roen just needed a bit of instruction!

They loved getting to go up in front of the church on Sunday to receive their awards!

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Cindy Rector said...

This is an awesome story. I would have to say that my project would have been like Roen's...bless his heart! I'm amazed at Remi's ability to come up with an idea so quickly and it was great. They both are letting their "light" shine! Thank you so much for sharing this story! God is good all the time!!
Love & hugs!