Thursday, May 18, 2017

Mother's Day 2017...

Since we celebrated Mother's Day with family on Saturday, I had the whole day on Sunday to myself.

As I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do with my day, I realized I just wanted to be at home with my boys. There was a time, when a break was all I wanted. I can remember years ago when I loaded up and spent the entire day shopping, soaking up the alone time.

But now, a break is not really something I crave. With both boys in school everyday, all day I truly miss being with them. I look forward to the school day ending, where I get to love on them, talk to them and be driven absolutely crazy by them!

So, after church, I requested for Micah to head over to the meat market, pick up some fixings and grill burgers for lunch. After devouring Micah's famous Doodle Burgers, he took the boys out back to shoot bb guns and bows so that I could have some time do whatever I wanted.

You know what I did?

I did laundry. I got a big mound of clean clothes, threw them on the couch and folded while watching one of my favorite Netflix shows and sipping hot tea. And I loved every minute of it- truly, I did. I love my 'motherly' duties, I love taking care of my family and even though I had the perfect excuse to get out of it for a whole day, I just couldn't stop myself!!

Saturday night, we left our pool party to make the hour long drive home, and it was late. The boys were tired from a long day of swimming, and Roen asked if I would sit in the back with him. I almost said 'no', because I wanted to sit up front with Micah so we could visit.

But I said yes. I crawled in the back between the boys, and they snuggled up to me, talking about the day, delighted that I was all theirs for the trip home. Eventually, their heads made their way to my lap and before long, they were fast asleep.

Long gone are the days where my babies sleep on my chest, but this brought back those same feelings. My whole world, right there asleep in my lap, looking up at Micah, so grateful, yet undeserving of the way he loves me so perfectly, and it was then at that exact moment where I got my Mother's Day gift.

Not something tangible, not something pretty to wear or smell, just a quiet, simple moment, where my heart felt so full it could almost burst. A tiny instant pulled from a busy day where the blessing of being a mom felt so overwhelmingly real it was almost as if I could have reached out and grabbed it....

My boys will never really understand the gift they have given me in making me their mom, but I think Micah knows. I think he feels the exact same way about being their daddy and getting to share that with him, is probably the greatest gift of all!

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Cindy Rector said...

Forever your babies they will be! This is where you realize that your heart does live outside of your body ❤️!
So glad you enjoyed your Mother's Day weekend! You are wonderful at counting your blessings....God is Good!
Love & hugs!!