Monday, May 15, 2017

On The Day Roen Turned 6...

Roen's 6th birthday fell on Friday. A Friday which we just happened to have off of school!

Roen was the first one up, a little after 6 and was all excitement to open his presents from us and Remi. I told him he had to wait for Remi to wake up and it was almost more than he could bear to wait! He got a hiking stick (from Anne), Legos, some BattleBots, some clothes, a hammerhead shark and a remote-control boat from Remi. Roen has been wanting this remote-control boat for a long time now and Remi was insistent on getting it for him! Once the pool is filled up, he will have hours of fun driving it through the water!

After presents, Micah went to get donuts for breakfast, which has become a birthday tradition around here. We sang Happy Birthday and filled up on chocolate milk and sprinkled donuts.

Roen didn't want his candle in his sprinkle donut for fear of wax getting on it...

The night before, Micah loaded up the boat and fishing gear, I loaded up drinks and food and we spent the morning and afternoon out on the lake fishing.

Roen ran around and played on the boat more than he fished and probably would have had more fun if we could have went tubing like we planned (it was too cold), but never complained and the smile never left his face.

Remi on the the other hand, caught fish after fish and probably would have spent the night fishing away if we would have let him. He was always ready to help reel in, pull hooks out of fish mouths and assist whenever needed! Roen never would hold the fish, but he did catch a handful, and told me the day he turned 6 was "the best day ever!"

Can you tell Remi is standing here making sure Roen casts right?!

After our fishing adventure, we came back home where Micah and Remi cleaned the fish and Pops and Roen put together his new Lego race car.

We ended the day with Roen's t-ball game, where we pulled out a win. I had the best day doing boy things with my three favorite people!!!

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Cindy Rector said...

Talk about a memorable wonder Roen said it was the best day ever. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures. Love you all!!