Friday, May 12, 2017

Roen is SIX!!!

Today, my sweet little baby is SIX! He has almost finished up his first year of Kindergarten and continues to be our little ball of sunshine! Roen has fully embraced his days at school and has made friends with everyone he sees. Though he can be quiet and shy, he seems to have broken out of his shell and become a social butterfly!

Roen loves tacos, spaghetti, broccoli, candy, chips and hot sauce and pickles

Although, Roen has too many school friends to count, Remi continues to be his very best friend. These two wouldn't know what to do without each other! They fight, argue, hit, push and sometimes still even bite each other, but they also play. They will go outside together and spend hours, building, imagining and creating.

Roen loves baseball, sharks, fishing, hunting, swimming, bedtime stories and doing anything outdoors

Roen still remains a momma's boy. Most nights, he requests me to put him to bed. I know, just like his big brother, this may change someday soon, but for now, he can't get enough of his momma... and I soak up every single second!

He loves to dress himself. Often, he will change clothes 3-4 times a day- when he is not at school- and will put on the brightest colors in his closet. Roen is rarely concerned about what others think about him and tends to march to the beat of his own drum. Some days for school, he will request a mohawk, throw on tall lime green socks, paired with blue shoes and neon orange shorts... he likes to wear all of his favorite things all at the same time! And there is not a whole lot that makes him happier than a new pair of tennis shoes!

Roen's laugh.... oh, his laugh is music to my ears! He loves to laugh and does it often, for most things make Roen smile and it doesn't take much to amuse him. His laugh is happy, sweet and from deep down in his belly.

He still loves sleeping and has a hard time staying up past his bedtime... which still remains 7:30!

He has held on to his love for cars, trucks and trains. Most days after school, while I am helping Remi finish up his homework, Roen will go upstairs to the playroom and build train tracks and push around his vehicles until Remi can play!

But, what I love most about Roen is his happiness. He goes through his days with a smile on his face, like a little ray of sunshine. And though he is a boy of few words, you can't help but love him and feel the need to just squeeze him!

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Cindy Rector said... that I've dried my happy have described perfectly the little boy that Roen has grown up to be!! Most people can't put into words what they see or feel but you do all the time! My favorite part is his definitely come from his little belly and it's infectious! Love this post...looks like 6 is a good number for him..he's grabbing life by the horns and embracing it! Dream big Roen and blow out the candles. Love you all...❤️
In closing...thank you for sharing & being dedicated to this blog. 😘