Monday, August 14, 2017

Meet the Teacher

Thursday, was the Back to School Bash where the boys got to reunite with friends, see their classrooms and meet their teachers.

Both boys are extremely excited with who they got as teachers! They also were both lucky enough to get some of their best buds in their class. I just have this little feeling that this year, is going to be incredible!!

Roen, was of course, full of shy smiles. When his teacher introduced herself, all he did was smile. In fact, I don't think he said one word the entire time we were in his classroom!

Remi went into his classroom to find one of his very best friends and was immediately all smiles!

I think I am just as excited about this year as the boys are. If you were to ask the boys, they would say they are not excited about school- and by this they mean the school part- but the friend part... they can't wait for that!

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Cindy Rector said...

They both look pretty happy about being back in the building. Wishing them, you and Micah an exciting year. When I saw the picture of Remi on that denim couch it instantly took me back to y'all's house on Austin Street. I'd keep him while Micah took you to your dr appointment when you were pregnant with Roen and Remi would stand on that little sofa & watch out the window for y'all to return. My oh my...where has the time gone!!! The house is fixing to be very very quiet. Love you all ❤️