Monday, August 21, 2017

Second Grade...

Remi has had a great start to second grade! He loves his teacher so much and always has the happiest things to say about school! I got this sweet little picture in his folder on Friday...

This was on the first day of school, and as they were putting away supplies, he built this little 'balancing bridge.'

This doesn't surprise me in the least, for Remi makes things like this all the time and I often find little contraptions hidden among the house that he has created.

I think what really touched my heart, was that his teacher noticed. That she took time out of putting away school supplies, got out her camera, took a picture and had it in his folder two days later.

Remi has an incredible little mind that you might never pick up on if you don't catch him in his quiet moments of creating. He likes to sneak off, gather interesting things in his path and then he will spend hours creating machines. When he is done, he loves to tell you exactly how every little part works.

It is in these long and heavily detailed explanations, that Remi shines with self-accomplishment.

And it's contagious, because there is really nothing better than a child who feels proud of their uniqueness!

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Cindy Rector said...

Yay Remi!!! He would be the apple of Randy's eye. He certainly has a creative mind and is amazing to watch as he builds stuff out of odds & ends. He future will be fun to watch unfold! This picture warms my heart!!
So happy that he's loving school!! Thanks for sharing...have a blessed week. ❤️