Friday, January 12, 2018

Christmas At the Lake...

This year, my family decided to head on over in our direction, and we spent Christmas together out at the lake. It ended up being extremely cold, which meant no fishing and only quick golf cart rides, but we enjoyed the water view from indoors with blankets and warm beverages.

We played games, cooked, made gingerbread houses, decorated ornaments, opened presents, made smores and did 3 puzzles! It has really become sort of a tradition that when we all get together, after all the littles are tucked in tight, us girls get going on a puzzle. I love doing puzzles together. It feels so peaceful, just chattering amongst ourselves, with no whining kiddos, no loud TV, just quietly enjoying each other's company... usually while we snack on something sweet and crack jokes.

We started our first day with a golf cart ride. Later, we let each kiddo open one present- they each got a game. Remi has been wanting Monopoly for a very long time and could hardly wait to get going on a game. But before we embarked on that, we played Wahoo with Roen and the Penguin game with Mallory. Monopoly happens to be one of Micah's favorite games, so I am not really who was more excited about playing- Remi or him! Later, we made s'mores- inside because it was so cold!

The next morning we opened stockings, made gingerbread houses (while the guys golfed), decorated ornaments and then opened gifts for everyone. We finished our night off with chilli and another puzzle!

When it comes to family, we have truly been blessed with the best!

Up next, is our very last of the 2017 Christmas festivities...

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Cindy Rector said...

Loved every minute of this celebration with Anne and her crew! Although a few were missing,I think it’s safe to say we all enjoyed our time together. Thanks for always capturing these wonderful memories through pictures. It was a few days filled with many blessings. So thankful for family is the BEST!! Love & hugs to y’all! 😘