Thursday, January 11, 2018

Christmas Day...

We had the best Christmas Day... one of the best ones yet!

After seeing what Santa brought, we had a feast for breakfast- bacon, fried eggs, biscuits, cinnamon rolls and fried ham. While we cooked, the boys played with all the little trinkets and goodies Santa left them.

After filling our bellies, we let the boys open their presents from us. They each got new tennis shoes, a school outfit, a game, a pocket knife, fishing gear and Micah bought Remi his very first deer rifle.

Ice cream for a mid-morning snack...

This year at school, we had a Christmas store where each student got to go shopping for their family members. Micah and I loved seeing what the boys picked out for us and they felt so proud that they had used their hard earned money to buy their gifts. I got a necklace from each and a little Christmas ornament. Micah got a mug, a multi-tool, a duck-call and a catch-all dish. Besides these gifts, each boy made us a sweet card at school along with some homemade Christmas ornaments. I look forward to these homemade goodies every single year.

Micah has been looking forward to the day Remi was old enough for his first rifle for so very long. So we ended up heading out to Pop's house to have an impromptu shooting session. And as the only girl, surrounded by guns and the great big outdoors, I watched Micah hold the boys on his knee so they would be tall enough to look through the scope, and then I watched Pops watching his son and grandsons and couldn't help but feel that this is exactly what it looked like many years ago when Pops did the same thing with Micah.

There is something so incredibly momentous about watching something being handed down from one generation to the next, right before your eyes. These pictures represent generations of fatherhood- in the making, in motion and a job well done- and for me, that was the perfect way to end our Christmas Day...

I may not have gotten a girl, but I think God knew I couldn't be bothered with sparkles and princesses while out shooting guns with my boys!

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Cindy Rector said...

Another great post! The boys did a great job on their cards. Those are the best gifts. It looks like they all had fun the pictures. I’m thinking if you’d had a little princess she’d be right in the middle of all the boys!
Love you all!