Friday, May 25, 2018

Baseball 2018

Well, the boys baseball season is officially over. The season ended last week followed by a tournament that ended earlier this week. Our sweet little boys made it to the quarter-finals were they lost in a hard fought game.

I am so proud of the boy's hard work this year. Remi finished the season with his first homerun and a double play. Roen got to play pitcher several games and got several outs on first. I love the years that the boys get to play on the same team. Probably one of my favorite moments of the entire season was when Roen made a stop as pitcher, threw the ball to Remi at first and got an out... I just love watching them play together!!

Playing the other Lindsay team in the first round of the tournament

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Cindy Rector said...

Way to go, Knights! They all look so handsome in their uniforms. Sounds like a super exciting season for Remi and Roen. Oh how I would have loved to see them play ball. Maybe next year! Happy Friday and on to Memorial Day weekend...followed by Summer! Love y’all bunches ❤️