Thursday, May 24, 2018

Last Day of School...

Today is the last day of school!! This is a day I start looking forward to from the very first day of school. My house is usually a little bit messier, there is a lot more noise during the day, but there is nothing better than my house being full of the of the people I love most!

As of now, it looks like our summer will be quite full with Summer League Baseball, piano lessons, gymnastics, reading tutoring, golf lessons, a trip to the beach, Vegas, an African get-away for Micah and I, a 2 week trip to Grandma's house, and lots of time at the pool and lake with friends and family!!

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Cindy Rector said...

I was so hoping that you would take a last day of school picture and YOU DID!!! They are so darn cute. The summer break will fly by but sounds like it is packed full of fun. I'm thinking they will be in that pool as soon as the last bell rings. Love you all....have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.