Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Football Rivals...

Last weekend was full of football fun when our school played some of our best friend's for their Homecoming. Right as we walked up to the game Friday night, a storm rolled in and the game got moved to Saturday. We ended up winning both JH games, the JV and Varsity games as well! The boys are to the age where they love going to all the games- eating dinner at the concession stand, running around with friends and trying their very best to catch the footballs the cheerleaders throw!

This picture of Roen reminds me of the very first time he met Sir Henry 3 years ago!
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Cindy Rector said...

Sounds like an across the board win for Lindsay! Go Knights! I think Friday Night football in a small town is something every kid should get to experience. It's just the best time ever....eating supper from the concession stand is awesome.

Roen still has the same sweet smile, but he sure has grown over the past 3 years!