Monday, January 9, 2012

A Few of Their Favorite Things...

The boys got so many new things for Christmas...honestly, it was a bit overwhelming once we got home because I had NO idea where to put everything!! I was even prepared this year...I cleaned out toys before Christmas and had empty spots on shelves just for new toys! Eventually, I got everything a new home and organized!

Here are some of their favorite things...

Besides being outside and playing with tools, there are two things Remi LOVES...pretend play with food/dishes and keys! Remi loves to get out our toaster, cups, untensils and make food! So, I put this cute coffee maker, toaster, and other play food on his Christmas list. And he loves it all! He will get out all his sandwich food and make us all kinds of things! It is so cute!

He also go these little nesting houses. There are three houses that nest inside each other. They are all different colors and have coordinating keys that unlock them. He LOVES this toy. However, he tends to pull the doors off because he is too rough and I am having to constantly put them back on for him!

Here is RoBear. This little milk jug and cookies were actually Remi's when he was little. It was actually the toy that inspired his Cookie Monster 1st Birthday because he loved it so much. Well, so does Roen! Isn't it funny how some toys just work with kids! Roen loves to chew on these plastic cookies just as much as Remi did!

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