Thursday, March 22, 2012

Remi at 2 1/2...

Yesterday, Remi was 2 1/2 years old! I can't believe it!!!

Our little stinker is into EVERYTHING! He is finally talking in sentences and most of the time we can understand him. He is no where near being potty trained, but I figure one day he will just decide he is ready. He loves to play outside, in the dirt, help me cook, help with the laundry, and carry Little Anne around everywhere. These days, you will either find him outside cruising in his Gator, inside watching Mouse, or inside cutting with sicssors. He LOVES to get out paper and cut it into all sorts of shapes.

Remi loves his sippy cup of juice/milk and his lambie. He always asks for both at nap time, bed time and anytime he watches Mouse.

He knows all of his tools and knows exactly how to use each one. If there is something around the house that he notices needs fixing, he will instantly go get his hammer or screwdriver.

Remi is a great eater. He will eat pretty much anything besides eggs and broccoli. He LOVES carrots. If carrots and ranch are on his plate, he will most likely eat those first.

Remi continues to challenge our patience everyday. I guess that is just part of being a parent. Remi is a sweetheart and could charm a snake. However, he has some of the worst meltdowns I have ever seen! He loves to tell us NO. On the other hand, if we tell him NO you would think he is literally dying the way he cries and yells!

Remi is a great helper. Not always, but when he wants to be, he can be a great set of extra hands.

Remi is smaller than almost every kid his age. He is pretty short and very skinny. He is in 3T tops and 2T bottoms (usually his bottoms are big on him). He wears size 7 shoe.

Remi is so much fun (most of the time). We just love him to pieces. We still try to avoid restaurants or any other place that he has to sit still and be queit except for church. Church is usually a battle. He hates us to leave him anywhere, so he refuses to go to Children's Church. There are like 40 kids and one teacher, so I can't really leave a screaming kid. So we go back and forth from the audutorium to the foyer every single Sunday. Oh well, at least knows that church is important!

I still have to watch him and Roen like a hawk. In fact, he bit Roen on the hand just this morning and brought blood. Poor RoBear. Anytime Remi thinks Roen is trying to get something Remi is playing with, he will never hesitate to bite. Oh it makes me SO mad!! He is also bad about pushing Roen over or out of his way. One day, Roen will be big and Remi will meet his match....probably while everything in the house gets broken :)

I'm not really sure if Remi is in his terrible twos or if this is just his personality, but I do know one thing... he is ALL boy!

Being a big brother...

Watching a storm rolling in...

Playing with my craft box and cutting with 'cisos'...

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Whitnee said...

I still remember the day he was born and I fell in love! He is just precious and I love his haircut. Remember that even though Remi and roen may fight now they will eventually become best friends!