Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Eatin' Places...

The kitchen, dinning and pantry are the three little nooks that I will share today. Besides the kids areas, I'd say these are the most finished. I think I spend more time in my kitchen than any other room in my house.... my how I have missed having a kitchen all to myself!

We have a little entry hall that leads right into our living room and kitchen. Across from the kitchen is the dinning room which has a open feel but is separated by the stairs and 2.5 walls. The pictures will do a better job of explaining...

While we were in the process of drawing up house plans, a friend of mine posted a picture of the most amazing pantry on her blog. Well, I took that picture and said 'here, I want this'. I LOVE my pantry. It has countertops so that I can put things on there that I use often- Kuerig, breadbrox, produce- but that I don't want on my kitchen counters. Is anyone really surprised that I am picky about what sits on my countertops :) I did a mixture of open and closed shelving because I wanted 'pretty things' to show but wanted to be able to hide ugly things like chip bags, canned goods and paper goods. I also spend a lot of time in my pantry.... I am addicted to Lipton Indulge Hot Tea!

Here is the dinning room. I love pretty much everything about this room. I still have quit a bit of collecting to do to fill my corner built-ins, but that will take time because I usually only buy serving pieces for the boy's birthday parties. Sadly enough, we do not use this room like I thought we would. In fact, the only time it has been used was when Remi fell off the barstool, got mad, and said he wanted to sit in a chair :)

This beautiful piece of art was originally bought for my library, but it seems to have found it's perfect little spot in my dinning room!

That's it for today.... tomorrow comes the entryway, living room and maybe my library :)

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Cindy Rector said...

Amazing!!! Everything is so neat & clean and organized. You have such a vision of what you want and you can express it to the builders or whoever. It's truly a gift on my opinion. I'm still looking for a job...have you filled the position in the pantry? I love that area...heck I love it all. BTW...I see a road trip in my future. Ok...I'm ready for tomorrow's!! Lol