Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Playroom...

When deciding on rooms for our new house, I knew for sure that I wanted a playroom for the boys. I like their rooms to be a quit place to sleep or read. I am one of those moms who likes to hide toys away... I like everything to be organized and look 'pretty'. So, a room full of bookshelves to fill full of toys and cabinets to hide toys that don't look so pretty is what we created.

I love unexpected little surprises and wanted to give the boys a magical little place where they could hide away and let their imagination take the best of them... so we also gave them a secret room. The walls in this room are covered in chalkboard paint. Other than their obvious purpose, they make this room feel very dark and cave-like... what boy wouldn't love that!? The bookshelf is filled full of paint, paper, crayons, chalk and markers. I added a little rug (the one I ordered has not come in yet- it has cute orange foxes all over it) and their art table... this room is where they can create. Being an artistic person, it is extremely important for my boys to have a place where if a little (or a lot, who am I kidding) paint gets on the floor or walls it is ok. As a mom, I also need this. Honestly, it feels good to walk in this room and see marker on their white table, paint on the rug and be able to just smile and breath... we all need a 'junk drawer' in our life :)

My art/sewing room is right off of their playroom. I did this on purpose, because my boys both like to be where I am. So, when I am up here working, they can be in their play place playing! So far, we spend lots of time up here and I love being able to just peek around the corner, to turn on the TV or break up a wrestling match that has gotten our of hand- and they all get out of hand around here :)


Cindy Rector said...

Love it!! It was exciting when it was empty but full of their things it is heaven. On these upcoming cold winter days this hideaway will be as wonderful as that big ole driveway. Keep these posts coming!!! Love you and your creativity!

The Holik's said...

Love it!! So cute!!