Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Their First Rangers Game...

Saturday afternoon, the boys got to attend their very first Rangers Game.

This is something Micah has looked forward to for so very long!! They were invited by another dad and his son, so I had to sit this one out, but Micah said the boys loved it! They had hot dogs, cotton candy, got a souvenir bat and loved every minute!!

Remi brought his glove in hopes of catching a ball...

See those sweet little hands holding tight to a new stack of baseball cards? Remi was super proud of those baseball cards!!

This is how I was greeted Sunday morning... Roen with Cowboys jersey on (that is way too small, but that he refuses to quit wearing) new Rangers hat on, showing me his little wooden bat. He even managed to get Micah out of bed to go hit balls with the bat!

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Cindy Rector said...

Sweet times!! They look so excited and happy to be there. So neat that Remi took his glove, but the grip on those baseball cards left no time for catching balls. Now that was a tough time to be a bench warmer...wasn't it, momma? I can't imagine how sweet it was to wake up to that cute little football jersey, baseball cap wearing guy holding that bat! Precious times in the Davenport casa! Love & hugs to you all!